1st Class had it's privileges among all the other classes aboard the Empresses or any other transatlantic liner of the day.  The 1st class passengers occupied the most upper decks of the Empress of Britain and the Empress of Ireland, the upper, lower promenade decks including the forward part of the shelter deck for a total of 310 passengers. It was interesting to note that less passengers per deck meant more lavatories accommodations were much more plentiful. Upper promenade deck had 6 toilets and 4 baths for the gentlemen and the ladies had 5 baths and 6 toilets for a total of 120 passengers. Lower promenade deck had 5 toilet, 2 urinals and 3 baths for the gentlemen and the ladies would have 4 toilets and 2 baths. Shelter deck had a number of total passengers of 98 there the lavatories were divided that the gentlemen had 3 toilets and 2 baths and the ladies had 2 toilets and 2 baths.


1st class passengers had beautiful crafted rooms such as the music room which had a large over stained glass dome allowing sunlight to pour into and down into the 1st Class Music Room. Below that was the 1st class cafe which had a large open view of the 1st class dining saloon which would seat 224 adult passengers in luxury. The passengers who travelled with children, the Empresses provided their own dining saloon room for them.


Passengers had plenty of space to stroll around, large outside passageways on both the port and starboard side of the upper and lower promendade deck. The lower promenade deck also continued right back to the stern of the Empresses allowing a nice large area. The only one problem would be the wind, at certain times depending on the wind on how it was blowing any passengers aft of the funnels could be subjected too large amounts of smoke blowing downwards covering the lower promenade deck.