Even aboard the Empresses the different in accommodations between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class was enormous. But considering the enormous difference between classes the Empress of Britain and her sister ship the Empress of Ireland was consider to be quite modern compared to some of the other transatlantic liners did not offer the same basic luxury as did the Empresses.


Canadian Pacific Railway Company were the first to offer free bedding and drinking and eating utensils and they also claimed that 3rd class berths comfortable closed in rooms. Each of these room had been fitted with a fold up lavatory of Hoskin's or other approved type, toilet racks, coat and hat hooks. All cabin framing on lower deck were portable and open berths to be fitted in lower deck compartment at fore side of reserve bunkers and it came with all necessary tables and seats. Third Class was found on the lower and main deck and can be located on deck plans 7 and 8 on the complete set of Empress of Ireland drawings.

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3rd Class Accommodations