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A Tale of Two Sisters

My new book called "A Tale of Two Sisters/The History of the Atlantic Empresses" has just only been out for a week. I mailed the books last week February 19th, 2014 and they should be only starting to arrive this week. Already I had received a very nice complements about the book already.


From Alberta, Canada

Hello Ian,


I have just received "A Tale of Two Sisters"--The History of the Atlantic Empresses. What an absolutely beautiful book--and only YOU could write a book like this. You make technological date so clear and interesting. You also have some unusual photos in the book. You did a massive amount of research and it adds another dimension to the story of the Empress. I also think it was wonderful that you included extensive material on Captain James Anderson Murray. It's too bad he was overshadowed by Kendall.


Marion Kelch,



From Alberta Canada

Hello Ian,


Just letting you know that the book arrived! Had a chance to glance through it and I must say I am delighted with all I’ve seen. Your chapter devoted to Capt Murray is wonderful and I am pleased that you were able to use the photos I sent. Thank you as well for the acknowledgement. I am also very greatful that all the items I have collected from the family have been put to use in such a fine book. It’s made me very proud of my lineage. I look forward to reading the book and will let you know when I am finished.


Thank you again Ian!

All the best, Gord Murray, Alberta, Canada


P.S.: Btw loved your website! I passed all the info on to my family.



From Manitoba Canada

Dear Ian,


I was thrilled to receive my book, ... and have not laid it down since I picked it up this morning. I feel very honoured that you included my Great Grandfather in the book and also notice the entry about my Grandmother Katie. I believe my only sister will also want a copy. Please keep up the wonderful research and again thank you.


Kind regards, ... Ron Watson