Canada's Titanic

Photo Credit: From the Chris Klausen Collection
Chris Klausen
Empress of Ireland Historian/Collector and Assistant Director of the Television Show the "Big Bang Theory"

the idea that someone in Holland might have a spoon and share the story about the Empress of Ireland which would keep the memory of the vessel alive.


I honor Chris Klausen on my web site for his hard work in "Spreading the Word" about the Empress of Ireland and to educate the population in Canada and around the world about this horrible maritime disaster in Canada. Chris has gone beyond the call of duty to protect artifacts which have been taken from the wreck and bring them back home to Canada, where they will find a safe home in a British Columbia museum.


"Hi everyone. Getting closer to the 100th anniversary of The Empress of Ireland disaster. While I'm looking forward to the opening of my Museum exhibit and seeing everyone who will be out here for the ceremonies we can't lose sight of what's... important. This was a horrible night where 1,012 people lost their lives, 465 survivors would never be the same and families were affected forever. My continuing goal is to make sure these people aren't forgotten. Again here's the link to my interview which is the best tool I have to keep the story alive. Please email, tweet, share, anything you can do to spread this video around as always is greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!"



I would like to take the opportunity to thank Chris Klausen and everyone in the Empress of Ireland Community who has worked in "Spreading the Word" by discussing and researching the Empress of Ireland. Without you, the Empress of Ireland would have truly been forgotten and so would have the lives of 

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1,012 passengers and crew on the night of May 29th, 1914.

But my concern for the future memory of the Empress of Ireland disaster will fade quicker than the ship sank, once the 100th anniversary comes and goes, and "Spreading the Word" will become much more difficult than ever before!


Ian Kinder December 22nd, 2013

Source: YouTube, Empress of Ireland - Shaw TV Victoria

Published on Oct 28, 2013

Shaw TV's Paul Beilstein visits shipwreck historian, Chris Klausen to relive the story of the Empress of Ireland, Canada's own tragic Titanic story.

I first introduced to Chris Klausen by Marion Kelch who is a great resource for Empress of Ireland historical information. I have known Chris for over a year now, speaking with him by phone and through several hundred of emails back and forth as we discussed various topics about the Empress and its upcoming 100 Anniversary into the Sinking.


Chris was always interested in history and fascinated by the Titanic story. In 2000 he came across the Empress of Ireland story and couldn't believe that he had never heard of the Empress of Ireland before, even more surprising that his Canadian wife hadn't heard of the disaster as well. Over the last 13 years Chris has assembled his collection from a huge variety of sources. After he moved to Canada in 2006 Chris met many people who had direct connections to the Empress of Ireland. After speaking with these descendants and reading more on the story of the disaster, he became increasingly upset that this grand ship and her story had been forgotten by most Canadians and the rest of the world. The emotions of these descendants made him realize it was still a relevant issue almost 100 years later.


Chris started to put various plans into motion to start "spreading the word". He wanted to make his position very clear on any of the artifacts that had been brought up from the Empress of Ireland wreck. That he would only deal with artifacts legally obtained before the Empress wreck was protected; Chris was not interested in personal items from the wreck, for him it touched him deeply and made him very sad, he felt that he had enough personal artifacts from the 8 successful years she sailed across the Atlantic. Chris also believed that the major artifacts should be re-turned to Canada and so far he has brought back the Portside Running Light that caused the accident, one of the mast headlights and a rare bell, but Chris also believes that not every spoon and plate from the great liner should be returned to Canada. He likes

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