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These discrepancies would never be resolved to this very day and Lord Mersey who was the head of the Official Inquiry seemed to favor the shipping line that owned the Empress of Ireland. And Captain Kendall would go back to Liverpool as a Hero!

"In connection with the drawing which does not pretend to be strictly to scale, it may be noted that Captain Kendall said: “I saw a slight fog bank coming gradually from the land, and knew that it was going to pass between the steamer and myself. The Storstad was about 2 miles away at the time. Then the fog came, and the steamer’s lights disappeared. I rang full speed astern on my engines and stopped the ship….I….saw that my ship was stopped….”

The statement made on behalf of Captain Andersen says, on the other hand, that before the collision of the Storstad, the engines was reversed at full speed and headway was nearly checked when the vessels came together. Also the Storstad engine was then put forward so to keep her bow in the damage area of the Empress of Ireland.

But the Empress of Ireland was moving forward and swung the Storstad around twisting its bow and pulling the ship out of the hole as the Empress continued to move forward."

Illustrated London News 1914
Map showing how the two ships approached each other before the collision.

Greatest Disaster Since Titanic