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This story appeared in the Advertiser Adelaide July 20th, 1914, a gentlemen known as Mr. Tapping premonition about the sinking of the Empress of Ireland and the loss of Lawrence Irving and his wife Mabel Hackney, this is his story.


"The dream haunted me all the day, and when it became known that" they had actu ally sailed on "the Empress the news-quite unnerved me. as I felt certain that it waa a message that the young actor and his wife had perished."

A few hours later Mr. A. B. Tapping, stage manager of the Kingsway Theatre," London, learnt the awful truth that among the passengers who went down with the ill-fated Empress of Ireland were Mr. Laurence Irving and his wife.























The dream which foreshadowed the death of the popular actor was an extraordinary one. Mr. Tapping, who is touring the provinces' with a "company playing the 'drama, "The Great, Adventure," was at Sheffield, when Mr. Laurence Irving appeared before him in a vision during the early hours of Friday morning, just about the time when the liner went down. Mr. Tapping dreamt' that' he saw in a room which he after wards identified from a picture as the saloon of the Empress of Ireland the late Sir Henry Irving and Mr. Laurence Irving, together with a number of other people. "Sir Henry was dying, and, suddenly disappeared as though death had claimed him. The people then began to leave the room and Mr. Laurence Irving walked mournful and quietly with them. '"There was, no farewell," says Mr. Tapping, ''from Mr. Laurence Irving, whose call to go seemed to come suddenly and unexpectedly."

Not Fulfilled.


The dream made such an impression on Mr. Tapping's mind that he told it to various members of the company next day and remarked to his wife, when he heard that: the Empress of Ireland had gone down, that he hoped Laurence Irving and his wife were not on board.

Unfortunately that had not been the case.

Source: David Saint Pierre
The known photograph taken in Winnipeg, Canada of Laurence Irving and his wife Mrs. Mabel Irving as they prepared to travel by train to Quebec City and board the Empress of Ireland on May 28th, 1914