Map of approaching Lights which was found in a booklet for the passengers the which was printed out during each voyage.

This shows the locations of where lighthouses were located.


With the advent of the steamship, more captains were willing to pass through the Strait of Belle Isle, and the Province of Canada decided to erect two lighthouses to mark the strait: one on the southwest tip of Bell Isle, near the eastern side of the strait, one at Point Amour on the Labrador Coast, near the opposite end of the strait. While the entrances to the strait were over 33 kilometres (21 miles) wide, at Point Amour the strait constricts to just 14.8 kilometres (9.25 miles). In addition to marking the narrowest point in the strait, Point Amour Lighthouse would also guide vessels to nearby Forteau Bay, considered the “best roadstead in the straits.”


A telegraph line was extended from Quebec’s North Shore to Point Amour and on to Red Bay in 1901. Three years later, a Marconi wireless station was erected at the station, allowing ships to radio messages to shore for transmission to upstream communities like Qubec City and Montreal.






















Pointe Amour Lighthouse



From the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company, limited, Adelaide agents for the Canadian-Australian Royal Mail line in connection with the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Empress Daily News for Wednesday, September 15, 1909. This is a sample of the miniature newspapers distributed gratis on the vessel Empress of Britain and Empress of Ireland belonging to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's Empress Line of steamships running between Liverpool and Quebec. The most, interesting feature of the production is two pages of Marconigrams containing the varied information usual in the cablegrams of a city daily paper. The vessels, in return for the service given them by the Marconi wireless stations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence lower river, have devised a method of reciprocation which is somewhat unique. On a voyage a few months ago of the Empress of Ireland from Quebec Captain Forester gave instructions that when the vessel was well within range of Point Amour, a cask should be set afloat with the Union Jack on top containing the latest English and Canadian papers and magazines. The Point Amour station was advised of this new departure by wireless before the vessel arrived, and a boat put off from the lonely rockbound station to get the cask filled with literature of all sorts. So much was the innovation appreciated by the wireless operators at that lonely Labrador point that when the Empress of Ireland was swinging across the banks, well out of sight of land, Captain Forster received a message of thanks from the men who were at the wireless key. Beside the wireless telegraphic news there is information regarding the sailings of the steamers of the line from the various port, the record put up and the distances between on Liverpool and New York, Boston, St. John's (N.B.) and Quebec. The number also contains short articles on the City of Chester and Dr. Johnson.

Pointe Amour Lighthouse