At long last, 3 years in the making my new book called “The 96th Voyage/the Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy” is about to go to print.


The book consists of 420 pages which are divided into four separate sections and there are 358, photographs and diagrams throughout the book. It tells the story of the Empress of Ireland on her 96th voyage. It starts with the departure from Liverpool on May 15th and progresses to the fateful return voyage. It describes how horrible this disaster was and how the passengers and crew fought for survival. The book covers the aftermath as the world mourns the dead. It asks the questions and presents some information on who was to blame and why did the engineering staff of the Empress lie at the inquiry.  It briefly describes the salvage of the Empress during the summer months of 1914. Finally, what happened to the families of those who were on the ship during that fateful last voyage.


They will be available for sale on my website on a first come first served basis and they will be available in a limited number of dive shops, bookstores, and museums. If you would like to guarantee you get a copy then you can pre-order by following the instructions below.

96th Voyage/The Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy

SKU: 2017-05-29
  • “The 96th Voyage/the Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy” Canada's greatest Maritime disaster