It’s amazing to think looking back over 100 years ago when the Empress of Britain and the Helvetia collided off of Fame point in the St. Lawrence River. That an unknown gentlemen or perhaps a lady happened to be travelling aboard the Empress of Britain on that same trip, just happened to have one of the new high tech movie cameras of the day.




























So when movie goers went to the Olympia Theater on one Saturday night there was considerable enthusiasm that had been aroused to see two movies. The feature movie was a drama, entitled "Vengeance is mine or also known as “Romance in the Studio”. The plot of the movies was simple; a romance begins in the ordinary but simple way in a movie studio. The couple becomes romantically involved get married, the scene quickly shifts to Cairo, where the husband' has been order to go there because of his health. It’s a long tale, and the film was graphically pictured many interesting scenes.





Source: Public Domain

Helvetia starts to sink stern first as the Empress of Britain pulls its bow out of the port side of the Helvetia

It was the second short film that really caught the attention of the audience. A true drama unfolding in front to them as the film carried them through the approaching fog bank. The next scene was the Empress of Britain, her engines full reverse as she back out of the damage Helvetia. They witness the death of the Helvetia sinking in the St. Lawrence River. They see the captain and his crew of the Helvetia and finally the damage to the Empress of Britain.

The “Green’s” orchestras provided incidental music in the back ground. Which kept the drama and excitement of the scenes intense. The movie house had been sold out and there had been matinee performances at Olympia Theater that day over 100 years ago.


Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, October 1912


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