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Here is an article from the Gloucestershire Echo from 1937 about Captain Kendall who was handed a letter by a 21 year old man who wanted to show his appreciation towards him.

The story goes like this...

Commander H.G. Kendall, who broadcast in "scrapbook of 1910" - telling how, as captain of the liner Montrose he identified Crippen and sent out a wireless message that resulted in the arrest of the murderer. Commander Kendall walked into Broadcasting House for a repeat performance the following evening and was handed the letter. It was from Wolverhampton and came from a man who recognized that you were the Captain Kendall who saved the lives of my father and mother in the Empress of Ireland disaster in 1914. But for that, I should not be here to write this letter as I was born two years later!

Port Side (left) portholes in the Empress of Ireland wreck.