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I received a wonderful letter from Linda who took a voyage on the St. Lawrence River and paid her respects to Harold Jones a 1st class bedroom steward who tried to muster passengers to the boat deck and perished at his post.

"Thank you Ian. I would like to receive your updates so do put me on your list.

Last October I went on a cruise starting in Quebec and visiting Port Saguenay, Nova Scotia and on to New England finishing in Fort Lauderdale. Before we left Quebec I sent a note to the Captain asking if we would be passing the site of the wreck of the Empress of Ireland and at what time and why I had a particular interest? The reply come back from the First Officer giving me the time -approximately midnight and giving the bearing on the starboard side and to look out for the yellow flashing buoy. My cabin balcony was luckily on the starboard side of the ship so stayed up late and was rewarded with sight of the marker light. A moving moment for me and I scattered some rose petals which I brought out from my garden in England. A symbolic gesture I was 10 decks up so petals caught up in the wind! I also carried the photo of my grandfather Harold on the journey.

When we reached Halifax Nova Scotia, I was surprised and pleased to find there was an exhibition on the Empress of Ireland next to the Pier with some of the artifacts displayed. It had been there for a year and about to finish the following week then move to Ottawa to become part of a permanent exhibition opening in July 2017. I chatted to the staff in charge who told me as far as they knew I was the first descendant to visit the exhibition. Such a co-incidence!

Kind regards


Picture 1: 1st Class Bedroom Stewart Harold Jones

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