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Wacky Science and Mysterious Forces! Part One.

Early nineteen hundred wireless technology would be blamed for many strange occurrences.


When wireless communication first came out over a 100 years ago it was a fantastic invention. It brought the world closer together to communicate with loved ones, in business and disasters. The wireless when used would create a alternating electric field and magnetic field. The science of was still very new and wasn't completely understood. Of course there was always someone who would try and shoot down any great invention including the wireless.

Here is a story of one such professor who wrote a paper on the perils of wireless telegraphy. His name was Professor Rudolf Hensingmuller, of the University of Heidelburg, he states the following:

"A great series of fatal calamities upon the sea such as the Empress of Ireland, including accidents in the air has convinced the professor of the necessity of trying to create an International Commission to regulate the use of wireless telegraphy, and to inquire into various unexplained and mysterious phenomena connected with its use. Where, wireless telegraphy is valuable in' saving life its installation should be required by law, but if it creates unknown dangers, that the professor believed it did, he felt that the public should be guarded against them.

The possible dangers from wireless telegraphy fall into three principal classes: —

1. Magnetization of steel and iron ships so that they exercise a powerful attraction upon one another and upon other steel and iron objects.

2. Fires and explosions caused by spark produced by the wireless.

3. Derangement of ships' compasses by the wireless.

In support of his contention that some mysterious influence was at work in pulling ships off their course and producing disasters.

He stated a number of catastrophes that happened ever since the development of the wireless telegraph had been introduced to iron ships. Professor Hensingmuller believed that the science of navigation had been perfected up to the point before wireless telegraph was introduced. And one would have assumed that navigation would have improved with wireless on board iron ships.

But he felt this wasn't the case! Some strange and mysterious factor was causing ships to collided.

The Empress of Ireland and the Storstad collide May 29th, 1914

Professor Hensingmuller believed the collision had to do with the wireless telegraph


Why did the Empress of Ireland, after swerving several miles from her course, come into disastrous collision with the Storstad when both were going slowly, or not at all? Why did the Pretoria wander twenty miles from her course, bringing her into collision with the New York, also said to have been off her course?