NEW Empress of Ireland, Hull Curvature Drawing can be purchased in a PDF. This 1906 drawing is one of the remaining drawings of this once magnificent transatlantic liner that crossed back and forth between the Port of Liverpool to Canada. 

For the first time the story of the catastrophic disaster of the sinking of the R.M.S. Empress of Ireland in the St. Lawrence River is now taken from the human perspective.

The story is divided into four parts and starts from her home Port of Liverpool on May 15th, 1914, with Captain Henry George Kendall as her commander and this is his first trip down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. Follow Edward and David as they explore the Empress of Ireland, from two different point of view from 1st and 3rd class during their voyage.

Second part describes some of the strange occurrences with the officers and the ship during its lay over in Quebec City and the events that lead up to her sailing on May 28th, 1914. Stories from the passengers and crew are now blended together while the while the ill-fated Empress of Ireland steams down the St. Lawrence River towards her doom.

Part three the aftermath and the sorrow of so many dead in 14 minutes. Who was at fault? Why did Chief Engineer Sampson lie in court about the Empress of Ireland steering? Why did they try to get Quartermaster Galway out of the country before the Formal Inquiry began?

Part four tells the stories of the victims and survivors family stories of what happened to them after the disaster.

A Tale of Two Sisters, $40+ $15 S/H

A History of the Atlantic Empresses​​​


The Tale of Two Sisters is packed with:

Unseen pictures from the original reports of Lloyd’s Register who surveyed the construction of the Empress of Britain and the Empress of Ireland from the keel up.
Photographic illustration of what it must have looked like when the SS Storstad and the Empress of Ireland collided.

Very rare pictures taken aboard the SS Storstad and the SS Helvetia. Ship's plans and diagrams showing the collisions that occurred involving all four ships and so many mysteries revealed.

...    Two coal carrying colliers; the SS Storstad and the SS Helvetia were built and launched from the same ship yard only a year apart. The latter made less of a mark on Maritime history, but both were destined to meet two sister ships called the Empress of Ireland and the Empress of Britain...

...    In the early hours of May 29th 1914, Captain Kendall loses sight of an unknown vessel steaming down the St. Lawrence river into a fog bank. Captain Henry George Kendall (while knowing that the other vessel was in the vicinity) orders the Empress of Ireland to a dead stop, but did the ship stop?...

...    With only seconds left Captain Murray orders the Empress of Britain full speed astern after hearing an approaching vessel foghorn extremely close. Out of the fog emerges a collier passing across the "Empress” bow; Captain Murray knew it was too late...

English Deck Plan Collection, $24.95 + $15 S/H​​​


Deck Plans are to scale, as shown in the examples beside. The Rigging Plan, Boat Deck, Upper Promenade Deck, Lower Promenade Deck, Shelter Deck, Upper Deck, Main Deck, Lower Deck and Orlop Deck.


My originals are over 2' x 6'; to make them more practical and easier to work with, I have reduced the size by 50%. Printed on 32lb presentation white bond paper FSC & SFI certified

T-Shirts    $24.95 +$10 S/H


​​Empress Of Ireland Tees with Rigging Plan

Description: Gildan 100% preshrunk heavyweight 6oz cotton T-Shirt. Seamless collar, taped neck & shoulders, double needle throughout. Remaining sizes and colours: Large in Black and Navy Blue, Medium, XL and 2XL in Grey only, Medium in Black and Navy Blue. Large  in Black only.


Poster Helvetia and

Empress of Britain Rigging

Plan "together again" $9.95 + $6 S/H

Originals of each deck are over 24" wide x 6'; to make them more practical and easier to work with, they are reduced in size and final poster size is 24" wide x 36" long. Printed on 32lb presentation white bond paper FSC & SFI certified

French Deck Plan Collection             $24.95 + $15 S/H​

Français Plan du pont Collection

Plans des ponts sont à l'échelle, comme le montrent les exemples à côté. Le plan de gréement, Pont de bateau, pont promenade supérieur, le pont inférieur Promenade, pont-abri, Upper Deck, pont principal, pont inférieur et le faux pont.

Mes originaux sont plus de 12' x 72', de les rendre plus pratique et plus facile à travailler, j'ai réduit la taille de 50%. Imprimé sur du blanc 32lb la présentation d'obligations papier FSC et SFI certifié

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The 96th, Voyage/the Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy, $49.95 + 15.00 S/H