Unknown Persons


THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW curious sequel to the Empress of Ireland disaster is occupying the attention of the Budapest police. Last January a cashier at the railway station at Przemysl, in Galicia, named Emile Kraznvanski, disappeared, it is alleged, with £800 of his employer's money. He has now been arrested at Budapest, as an indirect result of the disaster to the Canadian liner. When he disappeared from Przemysl he embarked for the United States, but, being unable to find work, he decided to return to Europe, and booked passage in the Empress of Ireland. When the catastrophe occurred Krasnvanski was thrown into the water, but managed to save himself by clinging to a piece of wreckage. When he reached shore, again, he was penniless. all his money having gone to the bottom with the liner. In this unfortunate strait he was obliged to apply to the authorities. to pay his return passage to Europe. Instead of going to Hamburg he elected to be sent to Hungary, apparently with the idea of hiding in his own country. But he underestimated the vigilance of the police, and he was sent back to Przemsyl under escort.